When Sinless Hands Touched Sinful Feet

Scripture Passage: John 13:1-17
•John gives an eternal perspective to Jesus’ incarnate nature (Jn 1)
•The incarnate Jesus was not just the ‘Son of God’ but would also be the ‘Lamb of God’ (Jn 1:18; 29)
•Ch 12 concludes with Jesus’ rejection and Jesus’ mission accomplished
•Ch 13 forwards opens for us a section in the Gospel…”Book of Glory”

The Appointed Time
•The Passover feast was a time of ingathering for the Jews, acknowledging God’s mighty work in the past and anticipating it in the future through the ‘Messiah’
•Jesus now in complete knowledge of where the next steps were leading to…the Cross
•Jesus love is not temporal for his disciples it is going to be fully revealed from the Cross and furthered by the giving of the Holy Spirit
When the Master Bends
•The Passover meal was elaborate, symbolic and serene
•Satan was at work at this meal through Judas and Judas had cooperated
•Jesus’ moved to act from a knowledge that could not be rattled
•He acts in a way that was unexpected and shocking…acting like a ‘Servant’

When the Master Moves
•Peter stresses his disapproval from such an action as Jesus desired to do
•But Jesus’ response gets Peter to an extreme portrayal of his desire for Jesus…though naive
•Even the vilest of feet find coverage in the hands of Jesus…even the feet of his betrayer

  Take Away:  Let the knowledge of who you are in Christ determine the role of the ‘towel’ in your hand