Scripture Passage: Jonah 4
•When God Pursues with Mercy (Ch1):Decipher the Mercy received and determine the path to obedience in Christ
•When God Rejoices in Repentance (Ch2): Repent and Return to the God whose prodigal-ity cannot be compared with 
•When God’s Mercies Moves Beyond Boundaries (Ch 3): Consider your missionary role and missional footprint in the Kingdom Work
God Is Put In the Question Box
•Jonah’s rage reveals more than just emotion
•“God I knew I could’nt trust you in this one”
•How did Jonah know what he knew about God?...was it all true?
•Jonah’s despair over God’s compassion was almost suicidal
Jonah Is Put In the Question Box
•God responds to a raged Jonah with a probing question
•Jonah knows the answer but he is reluctant…for in answering God wins!
•Jonah would rather sulk…and expect that God will do that which would make Jonah happy…destroy Nineveh
Jonah’s Stubbornness & God’s Mercy
•Just like he made arrangements to go to Tarshish he now makes his own shelter!
•God’s response contrasts to Jonah’s
•Jonah, “Thanks Lord… that helps, …but that’s not changing my mind.”
•However, God’s mercy and grace is not going to get through to Jonah unless Jonah is moved out of his ‘comfort zone’
Jonah Is  Back In the Question Box
•This time Jonah’s despair is about the conditions for his existence
•God asks a probing question and this time Jonah responds, and God responds
•God reveals the primary paradigms that govern him…sin will not go unpunished but the sinners will be given invitations to repentance
•Knowing the Jonah in us (Lk 15)
•In Jesus we see the Triune Godhead’s compassion personified (Jn 1:14; Lk 13:31-35)
•The church of Christ then puts on the display of God’s compassion as much as it does speak of God’s judgement…ultimately God decides
Take Away: Consider what answers are pending to God’s ‘second’ invitations in your life