Scripture: Jonah 2
The Swallowing
•The Lord provides supernaturally for Jonah’s rescue
•Jonah’s residence for the next 3 D/N was not a resort but the belly of the fish!
•The uncommonness of this miraculous catch by the creator God had an uncommon goal
• Jonah… return!
The Lodging
•Jonah does something he had not done so far…Pray
•He visualizes his predicament and knows there is no way out, except YHWH
•He had turned his face away in running to Tarshish now he turns his face towards the Holy Temple
The Spitting Out
•Jonah recognizes if there is one to save that is YHWH and not other
•Jonah did not have anything to sacrifice for his sin…but vows to offer a sacrifice of praise
•While the cause of the fish to spit Jonah out may have been indigestion, Jonah had digested the LORD!....God rejoices!
•The sovereignty of God, His mercy and grace over Jonah cannot be overstated
•The prayers of Jesus received rejection which our prayers merited so that our prayers may receive the merit that his prayers deserved (T K)
•Salvation in Christ comes through a Prodigal Godhead  (Lk 15; Rom 5:8)
Take Away: Repent and Return to the God whose prodigal-ity cannot be compared with