The Psalm Of Simeon

Scripture: Luke 2:21-35

Bring To Memory
§Two significant events in the opening chapters of Genesis: Creation & The Fall and The Flood
§We considered the context of Sin…The Garden of Eden…Sin…The Flood…the enormity and extent of Sin
§We considered the consequence of Sin…Curse…Adam & Eve expelled…The Flood…the whole world destroyed except those on the Ark
§Bethlehem was then giving the cure for Sin and it’s curse…in Jesus Christ and his work
The Background
§There was a census that led Joseph & Mary to Bethlehem where Jesus is born
§There is a private announcement of Jesus’s birth to the Shepherds, who on validation make it public!
§There is worship in Heaven and on Earth because of what has happened in Bethlehem
The Covenantal Obedience
•The Law of Moses could be categorized into the Moral, Ceremonial and Civil Law
•The covenant with Abraham was marked by circumcision…signifying for the Jews, YHWH’s covenant with them as his chosen nation (Gen 17)
•We find Joseph and Mary fulfilling the requirements of the Law
•Their redemption from Egypt
•Their identity as YHWH’s people
•The righteousness of God
Psalm of Simeon
•Luke is setting up for Theophilus through his infancy narrative the broader fulfillment of the rest of his letter
•Introduced as a man who is righteous and devout and who was directed by the Holy Spirit
Simeon (God hears):
•Asserts a promise kept
•A ‘Holy Discomfort’ which lifts at sighting Jesus
•This baby is Global! How?
•Revelation to the Gentiles
•Glory of God’s chosen people
Prophecy of Simeon
•Mary and Joseph marvel at what was said…Why?
•God was yet again affirming their obedience
•God was confirming the salvation the child would be bring
•What Simeon would say next would confirm Mary’s song…but also prepare her for the gruesome image of the Cross…where her son would hang and be pierced…to achieve that salvation
The Fulfillment
•This little baby would stand to fulfill the requirements of the Old Covenant and establish a new covenant with his body and blood (Gal 4:4)
•Simeon and Joseph did not see the Cross, Mary saw it.. but also saw the resurrected Christ, she saw the Pentecost and ACTS (salvation to the nations!)
Take Away: As covenant participants of God’s marvelous and happening work, let this Christmas reveal the greater work of Christ in us