The Greatest Command- The Command To Love

Scripture: Matthew 12:28-34
•What is Love?
•Movies are a reflection of what society largely thinks
•Is Love a higher degree of Like?
•What does the Word (Bible) say about Love?
•Philia, Eros, Storge
•Agape – God’s Divine Love; Love demonstrated through Actions *
•Agape from God’s perspective and Our perspective
•Gospel writers account of Jesus’ mention about Love
 Matt 22:37 – 40; Mark 12:29 – 31; Luke 10:25 – 28; John 13:31 – 35
God's Love
•God’s commands summarised into two
•It’s a Command and not a suggestion
•There is an Order in this Command
•Loving with our Mind, Heart, Soul and Strength
•The First Command can only be demonstrated through the Second Command
Our Response To The Greatest Command
Biblical examples in brief:
Abraham (James 2:22 Friend of God)
◦David (Man after God’s own heart 1 Sam 13:14; Acts 13:22)
◦Paul (1 Cor 13)
◦John (1 John 3)
◦Jesus (John 3)
•How can we follow this Command?
◦It is proven beyond doubt that it is humanly impossible to follow this command
◦We must be Born Again
◦Failure and Success in following this Command *
Take Away: Make this Greatest Command the ONLY purpose of your Life!

◦Does this make sense?
◦God Demonstrates before He Demands *
◦Love is Eternal and each day brings in a new learning
◦Commune with Him in Prayer
◦Studying His Word to know Him more
◦Strengthening Love in Faith through Obedience *
It is both the Path (/Way) and the Destination