The Genesis of Bethlehem

Scripture: Genesis 3:8-15; Luke 3:23, 38; Matt 1:20-23

Looking Back At Eden
  • God’s intention for humanity was a close trusting relationship with him and a harmonious relationship with the rest of creation
  • A God’s image bearers man and woman would be significant, decision-making, world-shaping beings
  • It was not just where Adam and Eve would dwell but a place where God himself would tabernacle

What Happened To This Purpose?
  • Our human parents (Adam & Eve) chose to make a life of their own
  • Their choice to heed to Satan’s half-truth yet completely false statement changed dominions…God did not loose, Adam lost!
  • Lost fellowship with God and the good things God intended for them to enjoy living in obedience to him
  • Words such as shame, brokenness, pain, loneliness and death came into vocabulary

The Exile and Redemptive Grace

•The righteousness of God could not overlook sin for it would remove him from being true to his word!
•The sending of Adam and Eve into Exile was redemptive grace. But how?
•God not only covers their shame, he has in there an opportunity of redemption (Gen 3:20-23)
•There was in the curse a deliberate plan of God’s redemption in and through Jesus (Gen 3:15)
Coming to Bethlehem
•Matthew records a “dream conversation”…God can interject and intervene where no human can!
•The purpose statement of Jesus’ birth is clear…A deliverer from Sin
•Gen 3 was not forgotten…the seed…a baby…in the line of Adam (Lk 4)…would fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 7
Return From Exile to Eden
•The believer is brought back into a right relationship with God, shame and fear are void
•The Holy Spirit (God) tabernacles with us
•This prelude of Eden is embraced in the now and here anticipating complete restoration   (Rev 22:1-5)
•God’s work of redemption is triumphant…it is neither the manger, the cross or the grave that determine the triumph, it is who is behind it and in it, that determine the glorious work
Take Away: Make Christmas an opportunity to celebrate God’s redemptive work, celebration that worships