The Finger That Refused To Condemn

Scripture Passage: Jn 7:53-8:11
•John gives an eternal perspective to Jesus’ incarnate nature (Jn 1;Ps 33:6)
•The incarnate Jesus was not just the ‘Son of God’ but would also be the ‘Lamb of God’ (Jn 1:18; 29)
•Packaged in Jesus is Grace and Truth (Jn 1:14,17)
•Also in Jesus is God given authority to judge…(Jn 5:22,27)
The Trap & The Bait
•The Pharisees were having a tough time with Jesus teaching the people
•They sent a set of Temple guards who returned stunned
•Nicodemus speaks to his tribe to give the Law its path
•Jesus has returned from prayer to the temple and is teaching when they bring an unnamed woman accusing her of adultery
Analysing the Trap & Bait
The Pharisees and Scribes quote a particular Law of Moses…Levitical for sexual misconduct
•The Jews though under Roman rule were given certain rights and privileges to handle their own Temple and community matters
•Jesus’ ‘Yes’ would not only affirm the Law and keep Jesus safe it would lead to the woman’s death
•For the self-righteous accusers the woman was a mere utility…because they were faulty in their accusation and did not see it
The Finger That Refused to Condemn
•Jesus responds to them not with words but in action!
•He draws himself to stoop to the level of the accused and write…only God knows what!
•The accusers are pestering Jesus for an answer…to which he gives his response with grace
•Then the Savior is back on his knees writing his unfinished lines
•The second time Jesus stands up he is a measure of greater grace and his majesty
You & I The Accused
•The apostle Paul summarizes what Faith in Christ does:
•The Law was God given to inform us we are weak in our flesh to keep it (Rom 3:20)
•There is no one righteous…except Jesus, and he our righteous requirements
•Just as with the accused woman we are ‘freed to sin no more’….what does it mean? (Rom 8)
•There is an Accuser (Satan) (Rev 12:10), but there is also an Advocate in Jesus
     (1 Jn 2; Heb 12)
Take Away: Lets remind ourselves, our innocence is at the cost of Christ’s Obedience (past, present and continuous!)