The Ark That Rescues

Scripture Passage: Genesis 6:9-13,17-18;8:20-22;9:9-11; Luke 1:30-35; 1 Peter 3:18-22
The Journey So Far:
§God’s intention for humanity was a close trusting relationship with him and a harmonious relationship with the rest of creation
§Lost fellowship with God and the good things God intended for them to enjoy living in obedience to him
§God not only covers their shame, he has in there an opportunity of redemption (Gen 3:20-23)
§This prelude of Eden is embraced in the now and here anticipating complete restoration (Rev 22:1-5)
God Active In The Fallen World
§God’s redemptive story does not end at Gen 3…for it would fail the truth and certainty of God (Gen 3:15)
§God is there sovereignly making his moves (Gen 4 & 5)
§Noah is introduced by the meaning of his name
§The state of the world brings remorse and regret for its creator and sustainer
§The shortening of the physical life, is redemptive grace

•Because God is who God is he has to act against sin, else he fails his own claim
•Noah- A righteous man, blameless and faithful  (Gen 6:9;7:1)
•God establishes a covenant- an agreement which for who he is, he will keep!
•Noah is found actively obedient despite the odds (Gen 6:22;7:5)
•Post the Flood a second covenant is spoken of- in both cases man stands small in the face of God’s sovereignty
Coming to Bethlehem
•In Bethlehem God initiates an action that finds itself in the covenant with Noah. The genealogies affirm this.
•For Joseph and Mary to accept what was spoken was not easy
•They were to be together for to ensure the birth of an ‘illegitimate’ child
•However, the legitimacy of God’s word through the angel was enough for them to accept if God has willed, he will fulfill it

How will he save?
•This time there was no ark to get into, but there was an insignificant shed
•But Good News was not where he would lay what he will do
•The God who designed the Ark designed the Cross, for our redemption
•The born again baptism experience brings us into God’s genealogy
•Peter states to the church is that when God designs and purposes there are no accidents!
•Its not just 8! Christ’s blood that atones for many
Take Away: Let the celebration of Christmas elucidate worship that emanates from the revelation of an exalted Christ