Responding to Conflict ‘Within’ and ‘Without’- A Gospel Centered Approach

Scripture Passage: James 4:1-10

The Origin of Quarrels and Conflict
•They originate not outside of us but within us
•They arise because of misguided fallen nature
•Prayer- involves asking for what we do not have, but we do not receive what we ask because they are in conflict with God’s will for our lives
Worldly Influence and Indulgence
•James up’s the heat (Js 1:27)
•He accuses the believers of adultery (Believers, the church as Christ's Bride)
•The imagery is a draw from the OT (e.g. Hosea 1:2, Ez 23)
•To be influenced and indulge with the world is to be an enemy of God (Js 2:23)

God Is Zealous and Jealous
•God is zealous and jealous of his sheep (Ex 20, Is 9)
•He is also gracious. But only to a certain character- Humility
•3 actions –
•To submit, is to fall into rank under Godly Sovereignty
•To resist the Devil is to fight temptation
•To draw near to God is to draw away from the world
The Promise- He will draw near to us

Attitude and Approach in Repentance
•You lie low and approach in confidence the throne of God
   (Heb 4:16)
•You grieve, mourn and wail…signs of deep loss or when things have messed up
•To repent is to be serious and acknowledge, who has been sinned against- God
       (Ps 51, 1 Jn 1:9)
Don’t attempt to gauge your repentance by the nature or size of your sin
True repentance finds upliftment by Gods’ Gracious hand
Take Away: Gauge your humility in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 4:12). Scripture (Js 1:25) is where and what we gauge ourselves against.