Reprogrammed by the Gospel

As we study this book we shall consider:
  • The place we have in Christ
  • The position of Christ
  • The presence of Christ
  • The purpose in Christ
  • The Provision in Christ
Historical Background
  1.  Colossae was a Roman province, a city, close to Hierapolis, Laodicea and Ephesus. A big earthquake destroyed the city in 60 AD or so and was never rebuilt.
  2.  The city was a trade route and was in its religion- pluralistic
  3.  Written in about 60AD from Rome, by Paul while in prison
Knowing the Apostle-Paul
  1.  Paul was appointed to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles
  2.  He was a staunch Pharisee and no commoner among the Jews
  3.  He spewed his anger towards the spread of the Gospel not only by words but through action
  4.  His letters(Gk. epistole) build for us a biography of the man himself
Knowing the Church-Colossae
  • Paul never visited Colossae
  • It was Epaphras, who possibly heard the Gospel and believed in one of Paul’s missionary journeys (3rd)
  • The other gospel-Pax Romana. The Romans had not wiped out the Greek religion or any other religion but instituted emperor worship. Caesar was the one who could give every Roman peace, provision and forgiveness.
Encouragement from the Apostle
  • This insignificant fellowship received a fatherly affection from the Apostle
  • Their resilience in the faith is corroborated by the influence of the Gospel elsewhere
  • He intercedes for them constantly that they be filled with Godly wisdom and knowledge
Gospel Metaphors
  • Qualified
  • An inheritance
  • Rescued
All happening in the Triune nature of God- Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Take Away

Contemplate on your person as God’s inheritance. If there is one thing the God of the Bible has pursued it is not the worldly wealth or any other thing seen or unseen, but the making of a chosen people holy. We are his inheritance.