Philadelphia: Little Strength backed by a Great God

Rev 3:7-13
PHILADELPHIA THE CITY (known as Alasehir)
•Founded in 189 BC, youngest of the 7- ‘brotherly love’
•Known for its luxuriant vineyards
•Dionysus: primary deity
•Prone to major earthquakes, AD 17 was one such earthquake… ‘Neo Caesarea’
•Considered as a ‘missionary city’, promoting Greek culture and language towards the east
Commendation (vv.7-9)
•Jesus and the imageries:
•Holy- ‘The Son of the Holy One’
•True- Genuine and not Fake
•Key of David- Authority over the house of David (Is 22:19-21; Rev 1:18)
•What is Jesus capable of?...The church had held up Christ high but possibly was feeling overwhelmed in face of opposition
Promise & Comfort (vv. 10-13)
•Unlike Smyrna this church they would be spared from the ‘hour of trial’
•The imagery of the crown and pillar, speak of victory and being established
•The giving of a new name is a metaphor of something that changes by way of significance 
•The church today is oppressed in many ways and can feel insignificant and small
•The church then looks to Jesus for who is, what he has done, where he is and what he will do, to draw strength to be faithful
•Being evangelistic and missional are two tasks for the church/believer. In this task we rely on Jesus opening the door when we faithfully endeavor for his cause.
Take Away: Draw strength in the midst of opposition, from the one who has conquered death and gives life