Peace Born and Borne Of The Holy Spirit

Scripture Reading Gal 5:22

The source and maker of Peace
•As in the Aaronic blessing the source is in God himself
•There is the Father’s initiative, achieved in Christ his Son and worked through the Holy Spirit for the Salvation of humankind
•Only peace with God is experienced (justification), does the peace of God proceed to make itself evident as a fruit of the Spirit
Rom 5:1,10; Rom 8:5-8
What is the Peace of God?
•The opposite of Godly peace is anxiety
•Jesus speaks of a peace that is not of this world (Jn 14:25-27)
•This peace is seen:
•In self – assurance of your salvation
•In marriage (1 Cor 7:15)
•In worship (1 Cor 14:33)
•In the family of faith (Eph 4:3; Col 3:15)
•The peace of God is constantly being threatened by the world, flesh and the devil
(Gk Word Anxiety, actually means pieces; Jn 14:1; That there is place, That he is the way, That who loves Jesus is loved by Father, That the Father and Son will make their dwelling through the Holy Spirit; That there Satan has no hold over him. Speaking to your heart rather than listening to your heart.)

Private Orchard on Public Display
•The Christian is consciously aware of this peace and hence actively engaging with peace in the family of faith and in the world around
(We not only seek to resolve conflicts but neither do we seek to create them; avoid speech that could result in brewing trouble and divisions; quick to make reconciliation; allow God to vindicate when faced with false accusations; to be careful in how handle grievances that can arise in the family of faith; to avoid gossip-Chris Wright)
Take Away:  Turn towards God in prayer and petition with thanksgiving and the peace of God will guard your hearts and minds