Living As The Children Of Light

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5

Journey with letter so far…
•The Mimic and The Model For Jesus Christ
•The Way Of The Messenger Impacts The Message
•A Faith That Suffers- Yet A Faith That Grows
Active Patience
•Paul quotes 2 phrases- found in the OT and NT      ( Joel 2:31; Amos 5:18;  Lk12:39; Rev 16:15)
•While he speaks of the church being aware of a truth he does give a context around which it will occur
•For Paul such understanding contrasts between ‘Light’ & ‘Darkness’ The 3-fold armor of Faith, Love and Hope (1:3)
•The speech in the family of God rests upon a resurrected Christ
Living Life Together
•The Gospel does not just inform the Church but it continues to transform the Church
•Pastoral Care is Parental Care- Paul gives aspects that the church should recognize and thereby consider the needs of such
•In as much the Pastors/Elders have a responsibility in caring the ‘family’ members equally are to ‘look out’ for one another
•The virtues of the family of God are virtues seen in the Triune nature of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit

Closing Remarks
•The Christian does not live an ‘immune’ life but a dependent life- dependent on the Triune God
•Paul exhorts the church in the Spiritual gift of Prophecy- neither despise it nor be gullible, but validate it against Scripture
•Paul’s prayer (4:3) is deep sanctification worked out by God himself
•Paul wants to ensure everyone in the church get to know of what he has written not a select few
Take Away:  Let the assurance of Christ’s completed work and his coming again be the fuel for living the Christian Life