Laodecia: A church in which Jesus needed to re-enter

Rev 3:14-22
Laodecia (today known as Eskihisar)
1. Named by Antiochus II after his wife Laodice
2. Was famous for banking and its black wool
3. Was a rich city and did not take any help from Rome to rebuild after a major earthquake around 60 AD
4. It had a major issue with its water supply, on one side it had hot springs and the other side it water that was cold, but for the city itself it was unpalatable and would cause vomiting
5. The city was also famous for its eye and ear treatments
The Concern
1. Jesus introduces himself as the sure one (Amen) and the ruler of God's creation. The resurrected Jesus is ruling!
2. Just like the city the church had become subservient to the context and blended well that it had lost its perspective. 
3. The church seemed to be okay with a laid back life and also possibly unconcerned about its neighbouring brothers and sisters who were suffering for the sake of the Gospel.
4. Just like the water that could not be drunk Jesus illustrates to the church the metaphor of 'spitting out'.
5. He gives them a dress down. They seemed well balanced on the outside and plush but actually they were poor and withered.
6. Jesus invites the church to trade for more valuable things which are available with him.
The Promise
1. Even if one person in the church is willing to open the door as Jesus knocks he is willing to come in and dine with him.
2. This indicates that Jesus in some needed to gain entry into a church that fellowshipped and worshipped his name!
3. To dine was to come in close fellowship with Jesus. Jesus has addressed their eyes earlier (v. 18b) he now addresses their ears.
4. Not only is there a dining but there is a place to be sitting on the throne the Father has given the son. An aspect of rulership which we see Jesus mention to his disciples and also develop later in Revelation.
The Call To The Church Today
1. What kind of church are we. Are we like Laodecia going through the motions of Christian Faith but Christ is actually absent.
2. Are we blended well with our space that we no more pushing against the darkness.
Take Away: Put checks and balances (eyes & ears) to the kind of Jesus you have come believe in, in the light of Scripture. Is it an existential Jesus or an Eternal Jesus.