Knowing the Author of our Salvation

Scripture: Romans 1:16-17
•Three men from the History
•One verse used three times centuries apart and continues to declare the Gospel
•The key words to the Holy Bible are God, His Glory, our Gospel *
•God’s Glory is revealed very vividly in two places in the Bible
•Isaiah 6:1-7
•Revelation 4:2-11
Our God is the same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
•Paul in Romans goes into great depths to explain the Gospel
•Paul is writes this letter to the Church in Rome
•So, what is this Gospel/Good News all about? *
•It is an absolute requirement for us to be grounded in Gospel as it is the key that we must use to know God and His Word
•Let us now understand what does Just, Live and Faith mean in this great Oracle of God
Understanding Gospel - “The Just shall Live by Faith”
•Sin and God’s Wrath
•God’s plan as seen during the Judges, Kings and Prophets
•Who are this “Just” or “Justified” or what is the Process of “Justification”? *
•Gift from God that is Graciously given us for no effort of ours (Rom 3:27,28)
•This Gift was Predestined by God from the beginning of the world (Rom 8:28-30)
Understanding Gospel - “The Just shall Live by Faith”
•Live here-and-now and to Live in-eternity
•Judgement Day is a reality.
•Heaven and Hell exists.
Because Jesus said So! *
Understanding Gospel - “The Just shall Live by Faith”
•Is Faith a Noun or a Verb?... Searched this on Google
•Google responded “The bible word “Faith” in the New Testament is always a Noun! But, the English Reader tends to read it as a Verb! ”
•God is the Author and Perfecter of our Faith (Heb 12:1,2)
•Can there be a Carnal Christian? *
Sufficiency of Christ’s Sacrifice (Rom 8:1-8)
Take Away: Experience your relationship with the LORD by Knowing HIM
•How can we claim to KNOW our LORD?*
•Jesus : Church :: Husband : Wife (Eph5:25-32)
•Prayerfully study His Word and walk faithfully according to His Commands