Jude- Contend for the Faith

Scripture: Jude
About Jude and his Epistle…
About the Author, Jude

Bondservant of Jesus Christ
Brother of James and Half Brother of Jesus Christ
Jude not Judas, why?
Why this book?
Urgent call to recognize False Teachers
V 4 - Certain men have secretly crept into our midst
They are Godless; turn God’s Grace into license for immorality and Deny Jesus Christ our only sovereign and Lord
Why this book?Contend for the Faith
Relevance for us-This issue was observed in 1st Century and now it is even more acute
*God’s WORD is not only Foundational but is also Fundamental*
Why contend for faith?...
Jesus said, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day” (John 6:44)
A divine election!
God is Love; First, God showed his Love and therefore we respond
God’s new Covenant with us through Jesus Christ
Kept in Jesus Christ:
God is Righteous
Jesus’ *propitiation and intercession*
Work of the *Holy Spirit*
Who are these False Teachers? …
Jesus predicted this situation. He said “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves” – Matt 7:15
V 5 – 7: In the old testament
Exodus… God killed those who did not believe
Angles not spared
Sodom and Gomorrah for eternal fire due to their sexual sin
V11: “Woe to them! They have taken the way of *Cain*, they have rushed for profit into *Balaam’s error*; they have been destroyed in *Korah’s rebellion*”
V 12 – 13: Metaphorical / Figurative: Spots in your Love Feasts, clouds without water, trees without fruit; twice dead, pulled up by roots, raging waves and wandering stars
V 16: Observable: Grumblers, complainers, lustful, swelling words, flattering, sensual persons causing division, no Holy Spirit
What is our response?...
Internal / for self:
Build-up yourselves in your most holy faith
Pray in the Holy Spirit
Keep Yourselves in God’s Love
Wait (actively) for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ
BEWARE: we are *equally capable* of the same sin
Be Merciful to those who doubt
Snatch other from fire and save them
Others show mercy mixed with fear
TO False Teachers - be ready to confront their ideas and ideologies, still being Christlike towards them
Take Away:
Heighten your Vigilance through
Study of the Word
Obedience to God