Jabez’s Prayer to Extend God’s Territory

Text: I Chronicles 4: 9-10
Authorship, Date, Background, and Purpose of Chronicles

  • An Ancient tradition ascribes the authorship of Chronicles to Ezra
  • A growing consensus dates Chronicles in the latter half of fifth century BC
  • Israelites had just returned from exile at the time of writing this book
  • The burning issue was the question of continuity with the past
  • Is God still in force? Are His covenants still in force?
  • The author in his message emphasises on the importance of repentance, obedience, and trust which will yield peace, victory, and prosperity
A Prayer to enlarge his border (v.10)                                                        
  • Jabez longs for all the blessings God will give him 
  • If God is to extend our territory, we must do our part
  • Enlarging our borders demands VISION (Prov 29:18)
  • Enlarging our borders demands FAITH  (Matt 17:20)
  • Enlarging our borders demands ACTION/WORK (James 2: 14)
A Prayer for the Power of God
  • “That thine hand might be with me (v.10)
  • Jabez wanted God’s power to enlarge his border
  • God’s power comes through prayer
  • Jesus started His ministry through fasting and prayer (Matt 4:2)
  • Esther fasted and prayed as she planned to save the Jews (Esther 4:16)
  • Solomon prayed for God’s wisdom and power before starting his ministry and God blessed him (I Kings 3:7-13)
A Prayer for Purity in Life
  • “That Thou would keep me from evil.” (v. 10)
  • Jabez saw the danger of falling into sin and its consequences
  • The downfall of the nation of  Israel
  • All our gains and achievements will turn to nothing if we do not stay pure
Take Away: Be willing to pray like Jabez to enlarge God’s territory wherever you are!