Scripture Reading: Ruth 4:5-10, Lev 25:25 & Deut 25:5-10
Names That Matter
•Bethlehem- House of Bread
•Elimelek- My God is King
•Naomi- Sweetness/Pleasant
•Mahlon- Sickness
•Kilion- Failing
•Ruth- Friendship or Female Companionship
•Orpah- She who turns back
•Boaz- In him is strength
•Ephrathah- Fruitful
•Obed- Serving/Worshipping
The Journey From and Into Bethlehem
•A family leave in search of bread…life
•A family in distress
•Two individuals with no family status return in search of bread…life
•For Naomi there is abject poverty…both of food and a heir
•For Ruth a foreigner, the poverty had the aspect of being despised as a Moabite
•It just so happens in the very fields where they sought to survive would stand Boaz who would ‘redeem’ (a goel) their state!
BOAZ- A Man True To His Word
•He had spoken to Ruth saying he will pursue her and Naomi’s redemption
•He himself could not step in for there was a closer relative who had the first responsibility
•So he convenes a meeting & this unnamed relative is willing at first, but then changes his mind. But why?
•It is then that Boaz risks his role to be the guardian-redeemer and follows covenantal aspects of Israel’s faith to establish it
Understanding the Blessing
•Rachel and Leah were the wombs from which Israel saw their 12 tribes ( Gen 29&30)
•Over Boaz whose credibility would be furthered through his actions
•The mention of Perez and Tamar challenges the failure of the goel, yet by which the line of Judah would continue (Gen 38)
•Boaz fulfills his role as a ‘goel’ in consummating the marriage with Ruth
•The Lord breaks the barrenness in Ruth
•The people see the new born child as the goel
•The Gospel begins with Jesus whose sandal no man was fit to untie, it would end with him giving up all of himself to redeem sinful humanity
3 Conditions Jesus fulfills
•He is qualified
•He is able
•He is willing
Philippians 2:5-11; Heb 2:10-18
Take Away: As a community of faith participate in God’s redemptive story with the same mindset of Christ Jesus