Everyone Is Precious In the Sight Of God

Scripture: Mk 5:1-20
•Mark: Earliest of the Synoptic Gospels
•Matthew, Mark and Luke present the “Good News” that centers on the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus
•Matthew and Luke begin with genealogies while Mark is quick to enter with the “Good News”
•Geography: Near the Sea of Galilee
•People: Largely Gentiles
•Jesus’ entry into this region marked crossing religious, cultural, political and ethnic boundaries
•A disastrous and pitiful state of human life
•Night and Day: an expression of no respite from torment
•No human voice- howling
•Self-inflicting wounds with stones
Reaction of the Crowd
•There was an investigation into the incident
•They were not greatly pleased with the man’s restoration but rather filled with fear
•The power of Jesus did what no one else could do over this man. They were concerned about the pigs than the man’s healing
Take Away: There is Love, Mercy and Forgiveness in Christ