Scripture Reading: Romans 6:1-14

Sola Fide- Salvation By Faith Alone
•31 October 1517, celebrates the beginning of Reformation movement
•It is the book of Romans that springs forth the aspect of ‘Justification By Faith’
•God made the unrighteous righteous through various sacraments- works based
•But Luther recognizes that actually it is a righteousness that is given/imparted graciously (Rom 1:17; 3:26)
•It is alien and outside of me, it rightly belongs to someone else- Jesus Christ

Where Does Humankind Stand Before God
•Paul has declared that every human being is guilty of Sin and falls short of the Glory of God (Rom 3:23)
•Every human being in their sin is at war with God, has no access to God and the wrath of God is upon him/her
•Someone external of us who has to do a work to allow us to make peace with God and gain access to him and for God’s wrath to be turned away

So Who is that Someone?
•It is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit who can do which humankind cannot do (Rom 5:6-8)
•God the Father in grace and mercy gives us Jesus
•Jesus qualifies:
•to represent humankind
•to be an acceptable sacrifice
•to bring peace and reconciliation with God
•The Holy Spirit works to make all of this happen by making us experience the truth and its certainty (Rom 5:9-11)

Where does Justification Lead Me to?
•A person who is justified in and through Christ is dead to something and alive to something
•Paul uses the imagery of physical baptism to describe a spiritual and intimate aspect of being justified
•A union in death in the past equates with a union in life eternal, a change of Rulers…the wages have changed from death to life (Rom 6:23)
•Death has no claim over the new ruler Jesus, so one who is in his dominion is equally safe!
•Dying and coming to life needs the acting of the mind
Take Away:  Perpetually give yourself to recognizing the truth of and in Christ Jesus