Decoding the Storm In Galilee

Mark 4:35-41
•Mark asserts who he is writing about and bases it on a prophecy. Why? (Mk 1:1,2)
•The text has parallels in Matt 8 and Lk 8
•In Mark we meet a Jesus who seems not want his true identity revealed (e.g. Mk 1:34; 8:30)
•At the Cross a gentile speaks of what Mark asserts in the beginning (Mk 15:39)
The Scene at Galilee 
•Its evening, end of a tiring day for Jesus…teaching and healing
•He entrusts his disciples to take him to the other side
•They are not the only boats sailing across…but the focus of the text is on this particular boat
•A mega storm stirs up and it threatens the very existence of all
The Action on the Boat
•Jesus is fast a sleep in the midst of a storm!!!
•4 questions follow with no answers…
•Jesus don’t you have concern for us? (Q1)
•Jesus acts by rebuking the wind and the waves…nature responds
•Why are you so afraid ? (Q2)
•Do you still have no faith? (Q3)
•The disciples have a question of their own now…Who is this? (Q4)That even nature obeys him!
Who will answer the questions?
•Why go to a carpenter of all the people in the midst of the storm? (Q1)
•Why are you afraid when the Son of God has said we are going to the other side? (Q2)
•Why has your circumstance gotten your faith to doubt my care for you? (Q3)
•Who else can this be? (Q4)
•The Messiah, the Eternal one, the Son of God and the Son of Man (Heb 1:1-3)
Paul and Luke’s Storm (Acts 27)
•A similar situation of facing imminent death
•14 days at sea and no hope in sight
•Paul was no sailor but he God’s chosen vessel to the gentiles
•He received an assurance that God would get them across
•God had prepared for his Kingdom’s work in Malta, Paul and Luke would get there with nothing being able to thwart it.
Take Away: Take a grip of Christ, he is not our immunity but our sure insurance in every storm