A Faith That Suffers- Yet A Faith That Grows

Scripture Reading: 1 Thessalonians 3
The Urgency & The Need
•Paul has expressed that he sees Satan’s hand in preventing his travel to Thessalonica
•But his persistence in love for them makes them (Paul and Silas) send Timothy to inquire. Opposite of love is indifference (TK).
•The preaching of Paul declared the truth of suffering for the sake of the Gospel
•Paul had a fear that the trials and tribulations may have caused this infant church to fall back
•Just because Paul was appointed by Jesus his work was not without its challenges
Mutual Character of Faith
•Paul had seen much and done much, but the news of the church emboldens him …its worth it!
•Paul expresses thanksgiving, he is elated at the report… joy in the midst of suffering? (1:6)
•He still appeals to the God the Father and the Lord Jesus to make a way…he is not giving up
•He then prays for overflow of love among the believers, to be strengthened in faith because Jesus is coming again.
•Christian faith is not mutually exclusive it is mutually inclusive and mutually dependant (Body of Christ- 1 Cor 12:12 ff)
So Then?
•Today we live in a world where the focus is to thrive in emulating success but refers less to suffering
•The church has become inward looking than outward looking…for individuals have become so
•The Gospel is not just a one time good news, it has perpetual value for every believer till death
•We need to constantly be ready  and prepared to suffer…this narrative is often lost in blessing…the tragedy a generation who cannot interpret the Gospel in suffering

Take Away: Ask- If destined suffer for my faith in Christ and my faith grows through it, how can I see myself living a mutually dependent walk of faith?